CHARBON art space
Unit B, 8/F, Sing Tek Factory Building,
44 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang

T +852 6906 2330
E [email protected]
Opening Hours:Tuesday to Saturday, 1:00pm – 7:00pm during exhibitions and all year long by appointment

CHARBON art space
current exhibition

CHARBON is an hybrid, multipurpose art space which offers throughout the year contemporary art exhibitions, artist sharing & talks, documentaries and movies screenings, live shows (drama, contemporary dance), a library (where one can consult art books while savor a complimentary coffee or organic tea) and some workstations (to rent or free for selected emerging artists).

The purpose here is to create a place full of art and full of life, to host people working, chatting, reading, making, exchanging, meeting and making noise, to provoque blends of different types of artistic expressions.

多用途藝術空間 CHARBON 位於文化活動盛行的地段黃竹坑,CHARBON 致力成 為港島南區的創意集中地,開幕後將有不同類形的藝術展覽,還會定期舉辦現 代表演、電影播放,空間更設有圖書庫和工作室,為藝術從業人士提供共同工 作空間。另外,展覽和售賣獨特 而且十分罕有的藝術精品和擺設,全部都是 Cho el 多年來旅遊時搜購的珍貴小 物,每件背後也有個別的有趣故事。

Artists represented: Christophe Bonacorsi, Movana Chen, Emmanuelle Houdart, Nathalie Rothkoff, Cyril Carret, Emmanuel Monzon, Regis Gonzalez, Cally Yu, Maurice Benayoun, LaMan

CHARBON art space
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